Preventing Youth Violence

Hieu Van Ngo is a social worker who is trying to prevent children of immigrant families from joining violent gangs. Thanks to federal funding, he will be able to assist a large number of vulnerable youth.

Hieu is also a great subject to photograph. On one of the last days of fall, before the cold weather really hit, I got to spend an afternoon on the ‘Peace Bridge’ with a man who looks great in every frame.


Diabetic Soles

Dr. Breanne Everett combined her Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) to create a medical technology company that makes footwear for diabetics. A lot of diabetic patients suffer from peripheral neuropathy causing their feet to go numb.

Without feeling in their feet, foot ulcers can go unnoticed and lead to infection and amputation. Breanne’s device has a special pressure-sensing insoles. If the user is at risk of causing damage to their feet, they are notified via a digital display worn on the wrist.



Books, Coffee and Sara

I spent a fun afternoon in Inglewood with Sara Tilley, the 2014 Writer-in-Residence. While visiting a used book store and cafe, I got to hear stories about Sara’s experiences in writing, theatre, film and as a Newfoundlander living in one Calgary’s livelier neighbourhoods.

Sara founded the feminist theatre company She Said Yes! However, for someone who has spent a lot of time performing in front of an audience, Sara was far more camera-shy than I was expecting. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for her to warm up to the camera.