Fall Fitness

Model: David S. – iModel Management
Makeup & Photo Assistant: Victoria McNair



Open Source Photography Applications Used

Download & Rename: Rapid Photo Downloader
RAW Photo Editor & Manager: darktable

Metadata Editor: ExifTool
Touch Ups & Prep for Web: GIMP



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  1. Jorge
    October 2, 2014

    Riley, another great set of images. I particularly liked the first one, where you using a telephoto or just a wide aperture? Are you still doing your editing in linux? Great work.

    • Rye
      October 2, 2014

      Hi Jorge,

      Thanks! For the first shot I was using both a telephoto lens and pretty wide aperture. Yes, these images were all edited in Linux :) I was using a fancy new desktop running Ubuntu Gnome 14.04.

      Is the OrthusPhoto blog yours? There are some good articles on the site.

      • Jorge
        October 3, 2014

        Hi Riley, it is correct, it is my blog, it’s in spanish, wanted to provide other amateurs with some info about my rights and wrongs during my learning process, and since there are a lot of this in English, well, tought would be nice to keep it in my native language, besides the fact that my English writing skills aren’t as good. Thank you for the kind words about my blog, you know I really like yours, specially when it comes to this kind of images that give everyone who uses linux a real hope.

        • Rye
          October 4, 2014

          I read a few of your blog posts using Google Translate. I really liked it. It took me back to my early days of photography when it was just fun to experiment and try new things.

          Have fun taking photos and blogging ;)