New Website and a New Photo Course

Posted on Apr 18, 2017 in Blog, Linux | No Comments

I’ve made some big changes to my photography lessons including a new streaming website, a new payment option, and a new Linux photography course.


The How to Edit Portraits with FOSS photography course is live!

I had a lot of requests from students who really liked The Open Source Photography Course, but still wanted more. They wanted to watch me edit some photos using the techniques taught in the course, and follow along.

Now you can download four RAW photos from one of my photoshoots and follow along while I edit them in darktable and GIMP.

I recommend this for people who have watched my YouTube videos, or completed The Open Source Photography Course, but are still struggling.


I have moved all my photography courses to The old address, is still active. But it only provides links to the new website.


The most requested feature from my students, was the option to stream the video tutorials. I am happy to announce that any new students who purchase a photography course can stream the videos anywhere they have an internet connection and a web browser.


Understandably, a lot of people don’t like PayPal. I used to offer BitCoin as an alternative payment method, but only a couple of people ever used it. It became clear, that many people wanted to use their credit card, but not use PayPal.

Starting today, you can make payments with your credit card using Stripe!