Chapter 1. Getting Started

1. Course Introduction (3:17)

Welcome to The Open Source Photography Course

2. Calibrate Your Monitor (11:50)

Start your photography workflow the right way by calibrating your monitor with dispcalGUI

3. File Management (5:05)

Make archiving and searching for photos easier by using naming conventions and folder organization

4. Download and Rename (5:22)

Use Rapid Photo Downloader to rename all your photos during the download process

Chapter 2. Raw Editing in darktable

1. Introduction to darktable, Part One (5:49)

Get to know darktable’s user interface

2. Introduction to darktable, Part Two (3:36)

Take a quick look at the slideshow view in darktable

3. Import and Tag (7:35)

Import photos into darktable and tag them with keywords, copyright information and descriptions

4. Rating Images (10:22)

Learn an efficient way to cull, rate, add color labels and filter photos in lighttable

5. Darkroom Overview (10:29)

Learn the basics of the darkroom view including basic module adjustments and creating favorites

6. Correcting Exposure, Part 1 (8:43)

Correct exposure with the base curves, levels, exposure, and curves modules

7. Correcting Exposure, Part 2 (11:56)

See several examples of combining modules to correct an image’s exposure

8. Correct White Balance (10:18)

Use presets and make manual changes in the white balance module to color correct your images

9. Crop and Rotate (6:42)

Navigate through the many crop and rotate options including guides and automatic cropping

10. Highlights and Shadows (10:29)

Recover details lost in the shadows and highlights of your photos

11. Adding Contrast (7:55)

Make your images stand out by adding contrast with the levels, tone curve and contrast modules

12. Sharpening (14:07)

Fix those soft images with the sharpen, equalizer and local contrast modules

13. Clarity (6:42)

Sharpen up your midtones by utilizing the local contrast and equalizer modules

14. Lens Correction (9:08)

Learn how to fix lens distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberrations

15. Noise Reduction (18:22)

Learn the fastest, easiest and best way to clean up grainy images taken in low light

16. Masks, Part one (15.02)

Discover the possibilities of selective editing with the shape, gradient and path tools

17. Masks, Part Two (10:49)

Take you knowledge of masks further in this lesson about parametric masks

18. Color Zones (7:21)

Learn how to limit your adjustments to a specific color’s hue, saturation or brightness

19. Spot Removal (7:19)

Save time by making simple corrections in darktable, instead of opening up GIMP

20. Snapshots (2:59)

Quickly compare different points in your editing history with snapshots

21. Presets and Styles (11:40)

Save your favorite adjustments for later with presets and styles

22. Batch Editing (7:57)

Save time by editing one image, then quickly applying those same edits to hundreds of images

23. Searching for Images (6:37)

Learn how to sort and search through a large collection of images in Lighttable

24. Adding Effects (12:05)

Get creative in the effects group with vignetting, framing, split toning and more

25. Exporting Photos (7:39)

Learn how to rename, resize and convert you RAW photos to JPEG, TIFF and other formats

Chapter 3. Touch Ups in GIMP

1. Introduction to GIMP (5:51)

Install GIMP, then get to know your way around the user interface

2. Setting Up GIMP, Part 1 (11:28)

Customize the user interface, adjust a few tools and install color profiles

3. Setting Up GIMP, Part 2 (8:39)

Set keyboard shortcuts that mimic Photoshop’s and install a couple of plugins

4. Touch Ups (9:13)

Use the heal tool and the clone tool to clean up your photos

5. Layer Masks (9:20)

Learn how to make selective edits and non-destructive edits using layer masks

6. Removing Distractions (7:42)

Combine layers, a helpful plugin and layer masks to remove distractions from your photos

7. Preparing Images for the Web (9:37)

Reduce file size while retaining quality before you upload your photos to the web

8. Getting Help and Finding the Community (4:37)

Find out which websites, mailing lists and forums to go to for help and friendly discussions

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